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AB Abbey Blend

AB Abbey Blend 

The beauty of the AB Abbey Blend brings a nostalgic feel reminiscent of old European towns and villages. Use one block or a combination of blocks to create your own picturesque landscape.

Limited Availability

Available Colors
Limited Availability Blue Mountain, Cape Fear, Cross Creek, Lafayette 
Block Dimensions
All dimensions are approximate.

AB Dover: 8”x10.5”x18”
AB Palermo: 8”x9.5”x9”
AB Barcelona: 4”x10.5”x18”
AB Bordeaux: 4”x10.5”x9”
AB Cap: 4”x11”x9”
AB Corner: 8”x8”x16”

Pallet Info
For more detailed info on Pallet dimensions contact us at 1-800-326-9198